The companies of AB Elektronik Transportation business are trusted partner for engineering and manufacturing of Sensors and Control Units for more than 30 years.

Emission exhaust-gas-technology is one of AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH core competences and we have several years of experience in mass production for EURO4 and EURO5 as well as Tier4i and f engines. Products like high-temperature sensors with integrated electronic, freeze protected pressure sensors and AdBlue Quality sensors are invariably powerful and provide excellent cost-benefit ratios, which are dedicated to the applications of leading OEM´s in transportation segment.

AdBlue / DEF / Urea Quality Sensor

Continuous sensing of Urea Quality and Urea concentration in DEF / AdBlue® / UREA aqueous solution.


Using special optical techniques, AB Elektronik’s sensor is capable of
detecting variances in urea concentration as small as +/- 2 %, and can operate at temperatures from -10 degC to +85 degC.
The optical measurement principle is robust against dirt and moving fluids including gasoline, diesel or coolant.



  • Tank or In-Line assembly
  • Quality and Level combined solution
  • Robust modular design


Alternative descriptionsTypical applications

AdBlue sensor, DEF sensor, AdBlue quality sensor, DEF quality sensor, refractometer, UREA sensor
Quality sensor, fluid properties sensor

Diesel engines in cars, trucks and off-road applications
Transportation global footprint
MCU for in-wheel-drive
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