Temperature sensors and pressure sensors

Innovation not only means research and development, it also means combining the tried and tested with the new.

Temperature and pressure sensors from AB Elektronik build on proven basic technologies, yet are designed with the requirements of future vehicle generations in mind.
Sensors with proven designs offer advantages of demonstrated reliability with the highest accuracy, and minimize validation efforts.

Temperature sensors:

In various media such as coolants, oils and gases or directly on solid bodies, our temperature sensors guarantee the best response. Together with the highest possible thermal decoupling at the mounting point, tolerance values can be achieved that correspond very closely to the true value - and this is by no means a given, as benchmark studies show.

At AB Elektronik, our concern is the consistent further development of the thermal connection at vehicle monitoring points. Compact designs save installation space, and our customers appreciate the consistent accuracy of the signals, which is significantly higher than comparable solutions over their service life. We have gained extensive experience over more than 20 years of economic integration of temperature sensors into new measuring points and drive concepts. The sensors facilitate individual adaptation to each application.

Pressure sensors:

For many systems, the parallel acquisition of pressure and temperature values is key to certain control processes, e.g. in power management. Market standards aside, particularly robust, cost effective solutions with digital interfaces and the fastest response times are required here. We solve this challenge with piezo-resistive ceramic pressure cells in high performance housings.

In a nutshell: Risks and validation costs must be minimized when considering the increased use of completely new products and systems. Benefits are available for anyone taking a differentiated approach and, where possible, falling back on proven technologies with high performance potential

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