AdBlue® Quality – partnering with Audi for new diesel engine cars

Building on our expertise in clean air systems technology, we are delighted to be partner with Audi as Tier 2 supplier for the DEF/AdBlue® Fluid Quality Sensor.
AB Elektronik / AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH Fluid Quality integrated sensor will be supplied to our Tier1 partner with full production starting in our Klingenberg, Germany facility.
Based on a smart optical concept, the DEF/AdBlue® Fluid Quality Sensor will strengthens our customer’s position in the legislation driven market for larger diesel engines, where Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is used to reduce the NOx content in the exhaust gas.


A key function of the SCR system is the dosing of urea solution, named AdBlue® or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), into the exhaust stream.Cleaner air, through the effective reduction of vehicle emissions, remains a key focus of the automotive OEMs for a better environment.  In Audi / VW Group latest diesel engine generation, leading to a cleaner, safer environment,  this Fluid Quality sensor provides feedback on the quality of the solution to ensure optimum performance of the system, which is now a requirement for selling vehicles into Euro6 and Tier 4 legislated countries.

AdBlue / DEF / Urea Quality Sensor

Continuous sensing of Urea Quality and Urea concentration in DEF / AdBlue® / UREA aqueous solution.


Using special optical techniques, AB Elektronik’s sensor is capable of
detecting variances in urea concentration as small as +/- 2 %, and can operate at temperatures from -10 degC to +85 degC.
The optical measurement principle is robust against dirt and moving fluids including gasoline, diesel or coolant.



  • Tank or In-Line assembly
  • Quality and Level combined solution
  • Robust modular design


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