Meeting the most demanding sensing and control applications since more than thirty years.

On the road, rail, sea or in the air, transportation is the life blood of today’s economies. Modern road vehicles are extremely complex and depend on sophisticated electronics in their powertrain and chassis, and for safety performance.


After 25 years of successful innovation, driven in particular by the demands of the German quality automobile market, our companies are a leading player in passenger car sensing and control technology.


Our pursuit of excellence in everything we do is enabling our exacting standards of quality and reliability to be applied to an ever widening array of sensors for passenger cars, SUV’s, trucks, buses and two-wheeled transport, where electronics have to operate under conditions that include high temperature, vibration and increasingly environmental constraints.


Hybrid and electric vehicles are generating exciting new problems and requiring new approaches. AB Elektronik’s latest inductive sensors are a good example of how we are rising to the challenge of next generation transportation.

All have in common the attention to detail, high quality manufacture, reliability and accuracy that our customers have come to expect.

Here are some Highlights of solutions for customized applications.


Transportation global footprint
MCU for in-wheel-drive
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