Chassis Level Sensing - Components for customer specific solutions

Versatile technologies offer economical solutions, precisely tailored to the requirements of particular applications

Information on the vehicle level or the position of the chassis relative to the road surface has been required for decades for automatic headlamp levelling, and is becoming increasingly important for chassis control systems.

The standard solution: The inductive height level sensor (IHSS) from AB Elektronik records this information precisely and reliably, even under harsh environmental conditions.


The slim solution for special flexibility: Today’s inductive approach can be replaced with available differential Hall ICs, using a magnetic target without compromising magnetic interference field sensitivity. This technological leap allows a more compact construction with a slimmer design. The modular design mans that even customer specific design requirements - including different lever and connector concepts - can easily be taken into account.

Our experience in a wide variety of applications has shown that they may have very different requirements in terms of stability, integration, installation space requirements and many other details. For example, height sensors in a current design often cannot be ideally positioned, and for space reasons cannot be protected from ambient conditions with poles. In particular, the ball joint connection must often be designed to meet these demanding requirements and is subject to heavy mechanical stress from rockfall, ice, sand, salt etc. throughout its service life.

Integration: Our integrated solution for shock absorber applications is protected against external influences, and features a low parts count for efficient logistics. The company's own SIMPSpad sensor technology, (itself the evolutionary development of inductive Autopad technology), served as the basis for this. It combines the best of inductive and Hall-based measurement technology. In addition to the almost complete elimination of mechanical hysteresis due to the direct linear position detection, the secondary benefits are also worth mentioning.

In addition to the technical advantages, the completely integrated design eliminates costs from storage of the booms, and significantly reduces logistics costs for both series production and spare parts requirements.

We are able to offer both the slim ‘classic’ concept for the conventional approach, and the pcb-based design, whose flexibility leaves room for innovative additions, such as acceleration or speed detection.

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Position sensor, Level sensor, Rotatory Detection, Angle sensor, Linear sensor, Linear distance sensor, Hall sensor, Autopad Sensor, SPINpad sensor, Multi-Turn sensor, Neutral Position Detection sensor, SIMPSpad sensor, Magneto-inductive sensor technology, Gear detection sensor, Inductive position sensor, Magneto-Inductive sensor, Vehicle level sensor, Throttle sensor, Transmission sensor, Motor position sensor, Contactless inductive position sensor, Oil level sensor, High speed rotation and position sensor, Distance sensor, Magnetoresistive sensor, Contactless sensor, Vehicle position sensor, Pedal angle sensor, Standard position sensor, Rotational angle sensor, Direction of rotation sensor, Tilt sensor, Potentiometric sensors
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