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Position sensors from AB Elektronik

AB Elektronik has been developing and producing position sensors since 1990. Our company holds a large number of patents as well as many years’ experience in the field of non-contact technologies. This enables us to tailor the product properties to the respective application. Interfaces to analog, PWM, PSI5, SENT, CAN, LIN and other protocols are possible.

Special features:

  • Proprietary technologies
  • Volume application in passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Shorter runs for special vehicles and agricultural applications


The individual design of position sensors is based on selection of the optimum technology for the application, in combination with a suitable mechanical interface. Based on our specially developed advanced overmoulding techniques, we use the outstanding properties of thermoplastics and thermosets to offer our customers sophisticated enclosure solutions for assemblies with integrated sensors.

Position sensors differ fundamentally between rotary and linear sensors, and within these classes in terms of the mechanical interface required and the packaging.

Position sensors with lever

Lever-mounted angle sensors are either inductive - using a PCB-based design that provides extensive flexibility - or directly encapsulated with Hall-based technology for a particularly slim design. Angle sensors with levers are often used in the application together with rods, which have also been part of our design and scope of delivery for decades.

Application example:

As a height sensor (HSS) combined with a linkage, the angle sensor with the acquisition of the chassis level of the vehicle serves to regulate the headlamp range or active chassis. Other applications that are connected with a linkage (e.g. clutch and brake pedals) can also use the HSS.

Position sensors as sensor covers for rotary actuators

Sensor covers are used wherever rotary actuators adjust flaps and valves, and where precise information on the adjusted position is required over the entire temperature range. With advanced overmoulding technology, robust covers can be created that have the appropriate measurement technology built in, and in addition to the sensor electronics, also contact other components via the integrated connector and seal the application.

Application examples:

  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • Thermal management

Position sensors with shaft stub mounting

Sensor technology with shaft stub mounting allows for direct acquisition of shaft rotation from a position at the end of the shaft. Using temperature resistant technology, these sensors provide accurate position signals even in demanding applications. With a Hall-based design, a completely non-contact version without mechanicals is also possible by installing the magnet on the application side.

Application examples:

  • Throttle valve sensor
  • Swirl damper sensor

Position sensors with shaft end

Equipped with a robust design, this all-rounder among the Hall sensors is suitable for a wide variety of applications. With the existing shaft stub, it can be supplied with a linkage on the application side, or directly pick up the rotation information at the end of shaft position of the rotation axis.

Application examples:

  • Lever position
  • Pedal

Linear sensors with short travel range

Contactless linear displacement sensor

Parking lock sensor:

In automatic transmissions with electric actuators, the parking lock sensor identifies the position of the parking lock cylinder in the end positions as well as in the intermediate areas and transmits the information to the control unit.

Neutral gear detection sensor:

Gearboxes with a start / stop function can activate this function only when the shift fork is in the neutral position. The neutral gear detection sensor is installed on the gearbox and ensures reliable identification of the position from the Hall sensor, based on a magnet installed in the application.

Switch fork position sensor:

The shift fork position sensor detects the linear position of a permanent magnet on the shift fork in double-clutch gearboxes.

Linear sensors with long travel range

Some linear actuators have a range of travel that cannot be fully covered using conventional Hall sensors, or at least cannot be captured with optimum performance. AB Elektronik’s Inductive and magneto-inductive technologies are used for this extreme range, and for applications with significantly longer measuring paths such as cylinder and shock absorber positions.

Application examples:

  • Clutch position
  • Brake cylinder position
  • Steering actuation (front + rear)
  • Lifter: pneumatic cylinder in height adjustable chassis
  • Damper

More information about our position sensors:

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Typical applications for our products:

Clutch detection, damper position, cylinder position, height sensor. Combined with a linkage, the angle sensor with the detection of the chassis level on the vehicle serves for headlamp levelling or control of the active chassis. Other applications connected to a linkage (e.g. clutch and brake pedals) can also use the HSS. EGR, thermal management, throttle valve sensor, swirl valve sensor, lever position, pedal, parking lock sensor, neutral gear detection sensor, transmission with start / stop function, shift fork position sensor detects the linear position of a permanent magnet on the shift fork in dual clutch transmissions, clutch position, brake cylinder position, steering actuator (front + rear), lift: pneumatic cylinder in height-adjustable chassis, dampers

Our sensors support the focal points of future mobility:

Emission reduction, E-mobility, Energy efficiency

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