Core Competence: Position sensors

AB Elektronik has developed and produced position sensors since 1990. Our company has a number of its own patents and produces on a large scale in the car and commercial vehicle sectors as well as on a medium and small scale for special-purpose vehicles and agricultural applications. Our extensive experience in different non-contact technologies, including the company's own Autopad® technology, mean that the product features can be customised to each application. The analogue, PWM, PSI5, SENT, CAN and LIN interfaces and other protocols are possible.

  • Patented technology
  • Large-scale application in the car and commercial vehicle sectors
  • Medium and small-scale production for special-purpose vehicles and agricultural applications


    Typical features and benefits


    • Linearity < 1 %
    • Programmable for angular ranges from +/ - 4° to +/- 180°
    • Variable clamping with 10 bit resolution
    • Offset mode for parallel signal routing also on redundant channels
    • Signal memory
    • Integrated temperature compensation
    • Customer specific signal processing


      • Linearity <1 %
      • Measurement range linear 20-600 mm
      • 360° rotation + multiturn
      • Particularly insensitive to disturbances due to differentiated measurement
      • Parallel operation with several sensors using minimal installation space
      • Redundant offset
      • Simple construction and assembly due to significant reduction of the number of component parts
      • Highly cost effective

      Special Application

      Inductive height level sensor (IHLS) for measurement of chassis angle in applications as diverse as headlamp levelling, air suspension and damper control.

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