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SIMPSpad position sensing

SIMPSpad is a position sensor technology that is characterized above all by its ability to measure non-ferrous metals. Based on an inductive principle, it can detect simple metallic or resonant targets. To enable this technology to measure non-ferrous metals as well, a layer of highly permeable soft magnetic material is added and operated with a magnetic target.

Market segments

SIMPSpad magneto-inductive sensor technology is ideal for the demanding requirements of linear position sensors in:

  • Transmission
  • Brake cylinders
  • Shock absorbers
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Oil and fuel systems

Typical features and benefits

  • ASIC available as standard component, over 100 mio. in the field
  • Fast and accurate position measurement through non-ferro-magnetic materials, as well as through water, oil and plastic
  • Direct assembly onto non-ferrous metal possible
  • Dual channel operation possible with one magnet and complete galvanic separation of channels
  • Flexible magnet orientation, preferably perpendicular to direction of motion
  • Simple and robust mechanic construction of the sensor
  • Considerable flexibility in sensor design to achieve a low and compact space envelope
  • Contactless, absolute position sensor
  • Magnet to PAD separations > 10 mm possible
  • Robust to variation in magnet-PAD spacing
  • Adaptive to different magnet orientations
  • Various outputs (analogue / digital) feasible
  • Good immunity to external electromagnetic fields

SIMPSpad - Optimised for integrated solutions:

Protected against external influences, an integrated SIMPSpad solution is ideal for shock absorber applications. The technical implementation with a printed circuit board offers additional flexibility and room for innovative additions, such as acceleration or speed detection.

More information about our SIMPSpad:

Read more about SIMPSpad in Chassis applications here.

On a nutshell – SIMPSpad in Fast Facts.

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