Inductive hight level sensor (IHLS)

Building on 25 years’ experience of designing and producing position sensors, AB Elektronik’s Inductive Height Level Sensor (IHLS) range is perfect for measurement of chassis angle in applications as diverse as headlamp levelling, air suspension and damper control.

The IHLS range is based on patented Autopad® technology, and uses a wear-free, contactless system to ensure consistent accuracy over the lifetime of the sensor.


Autopad® technology is characterized by its immunity to magnetic fields and its high temperature stability and linearity. Accuracy is better than 1%, providing precise and reliable measurements – under even the harshest environmental conditions.

AB Elektronik IHLS sensors are easy to integrate into automotive designs, offering optional application-specific connections and special product packages as required.

Special Features:

  • Contactless inductive technology
  • High accuracy < 1 %
  • High temperature stability and linearity
  • Immunity to magnetic fields and electromagnetic pulses
  • Resistance to water, heat and impact (e.g. from stones)
  • Custom Zero (4 x 90°)
  • 1 or 2 channel, analogue or digital output
  • Flexible mounting angle and position
  • Application-specific connections and packages available


    • Headlight levelling
    • Air suspension
    • Damping control
    • Brake booster


    Alternative descriptionsTypical applications

    Height level, inductive, chassis height, dynamic height

    Air suspension, damper, level regulation, height level, headlights regulation, axle suspension, headlight levelling, active suspension
    Transportation global footprint
    Temperature sensors for exact and fast measurements
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