New haptic pedal generation

Reduced weight with optimized temperature performance and low consumption

The new actuators for haptic accelerator pedals tackle the current weak spots of systems available on the market and sets a clear mark regarding their weight, which is below 400 grams and is significantly below the total weight of comparable pedals. The power increase which the driver feels when, for example, the drive changes from battery to combustion engine, has a consumption of less than one watt with a switched-on actuator and with it reaches a pedal power increase of at least 10 newtons. Higher forces are possible with slight adjustments. Unlike conventional systems, the actuator also works absolutely reliably and without a time limit in the temperature range from -40°C to 80 C°. Conventional systems frequently refuse to function in the case of long duty cycles. The intentionally simple and compact design is extremely sturdy and provides optimum pre-conditions for customer-specific applications.


Learn more from our latest technical article (DE) written by Roger Möllers

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