Over moulded speed sensor
Temperature sensors for exact and fast measurements
MCU for in-wheel-drive
High temperature detectors with integrated thermal element
Refractometer with integrated thermal element
LED modules for automotive headlights applications
Active accelerator pedal for haptic communication
Direction- and position detection on 3D contours
Inductive height level sensor (IHLS)
Power module for electronically driven water pump
Differential pressure sensor
Electronic Control Unit / E-Mobility

Sustainability, security and convenience are the benchmarks of future mobility

Products with the trademark AB Elektronik offer customized solutions. Our centres of excellence in Europe are responsible for the development of our sensors, power modules, LED technologies and accelerator pedals. Modular concepts enable production in our international plants, and at the same time offer design freedom for local product variants.

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Our experts stay ‘on the move’ with our customers, and understand mobility both as a service and a promise of innovation. As consultants and experienced developers, we are happy to assist you with your projects to integrate innovations into customer applications - reliably and profitably.

Our website offers a first insight into the possibilities when you work with us, and we would be delighted to make personal contact!

Contact details and telephone numbers can be found here. We would also be pleased to provide you with a personal email contact. Please help us by providing as much detail as possible in your enquiry.

Emission reduction, safety, comfort.
AB Elektronik´s solutions are monitoring key automotive applications in combustion or alternative drives.

Pioneering innovative mobility.
Key technologies from AB Elektronik offer ideal solutions for customer-specific designs.

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MCU for in-wheel-drive
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