Multipositions sensor

Direction and position detection for threedimensional contours
Through the latest developments in 3D-Hall measurements, we have developed a sensor that can detect a variety of positions and so replace additional switches.
Using a transmitter element the sensor´s magnetic field is distorted. Based on this generated position-dependent signal the position or direction can be  determined even before it reaches the end position.
The X and Y values are simultaneously variable. The Z axis has to be defined with a fixed value for the particular application. The system control can intervene early and downstreamed processes can be initiated any time. The complete synchronisation starts at the earliest possible moment and provides a resource-friendly operation of an application.
Faster and more than accurate conventional systems, the TRIPO sensor is compact and highly cost effective.

Special features

  • Detection of all gears including the n
  • Highly cost effective
  • Triaxial position sensing


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