Temperature sensor with extremely fast response time

Significance and use

Combustion engines offer a level of efficiency with enormous potential for achieving future emission limits. For years, developments in optimised sensors and improved mechanical structures have continued to improve this technology, enhancing its efficiency.

Valve control offers considerable potential:
MultiAir, an individual-cylinder, electrohydraulic valve control for combustion engines, is a revolutionary development in the sector.  In order for the combustion process to function effectively, temperature signals must be ascertained quickly and precisely. MultiAir relies on an extremely fast temperature sensor from AB Elektronik for monitoring thermal balance. The sensor enables downstream aggregates to be set up so that the application can function correctly.


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Functional principle

Temperature changes in the measurement medium or system lead to resistance changes in the measuring element. The resulting electric signal can be processed relatively easily by the electronic control system. The mechanical structure of the sensor supports the element's measurement function with an optimum thermal connection or with  isolation from the surroundings, with simultaneous, robust containment. The electrical connection  can be specified according to customer specifications.


  • Very short reaction times (<2 seconds at Tau 90)
  • Robust thanks to closed design
  • Long lifespan


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