December 2018 - Top supplier award for AB Elektronik

AB Elektronik receives top supplier award from leading Chinese truck OEM Shaanxi 

AB Elektronik has been recognised for excellent development performance for its truck pedal. It was a great honour for Roger Möllers (Product Applications Manager) and Chang Liang (Sales Manager) to receive the award at a very impressive ceremony on 6th of December in Baoji, China. This success underlines the important strategic position of our products in the Shaanxi supply chain.

AB Elektronik expanding presence in China rapidly. With local development capabilities and resources for the production of localized commercial vehicle pedals in China, AB Elektronik Suzhou is growing its customer base and market position in the country. Partnering with Shaanxi - one of the leading heavy duty truck OEMs, and number two in the trailer market in China - we have demonstrated our strengths in local markets.

November 2018 - AB Mikroelektronik is one of the leading companies in Salzburg

AB Mikroelektronik occupies one of the first places in the current ranking of leading companies in Salzburg.

Read the full article here

January 2018 - Blog: Pressure measurement before and after the particulate filter

Sensors in the exhaust system


As we start 2018, I should like to make another contribution to the discussion of sensors in the exhaust system.

Today`s topic: Pressure measurement before and after the particulate filter.

As stated in my last post on this page, the exhaust after treatment for combustion engines is largely determined by thermodynamic processes. Temperature and pressure conditions play a major role. The monitoring of various pressures in the exhaust pipe, among other locations, can give information about the load condition* of the particulate filter.

EURO 6 legislation recommends a particulate filter

Following the introduction of the latest emission standard "EURO 6", all manufacturers of diesel engines are required to install particulate filters in their exhaust systems. With modern diesel particulate filters (DPF), up to 99% of these fine dust particles can be eliminated from the diesel exhaust. (Ref: see footnote.) The filter principle is based on catching and collecting the particles; so clearly, such a filter will eventually reach its capacity limit. The filter is then filled with carbon particles and must be regenerated by cleaning.

The cleaning of the filter is carried out by oxidizing (burning off) the collected soot particles. There are various procedures for this regeneration. In stationary engines, these range from replacing loaded filter cartridges, to passive, more or less continuous soot combustion.

Active systems are most common in mobile applications

Most common for mobile applications, however, are active systems. Here, the regeneration process is actively initiated in various ways. Either the internal combustion engine increases the exhaust gas temperature to over 600°C, or by deliberately adding additives to the fuel, the ignition temperature of the soot coating is reduced to below 450°C. (See also my last note on temperature monitoring.)


Pressure in the exhaust pipe (relative to the environment pressure) is the trigger for the regeneration signal of the sensor

In both the cases described, regeneration is actively initiated. The trigger comes from (of course) a sensor that registers how strong the filter load actually is. An indicator of this loading is the back pressure built up in front of the particulate filter in the exhaust pipe. The higher the load condition in the filter, the greater the back pressure. A simple pressure sensor detects the dynamic pressure relative to the environment as long as there are comparable pressure conditions in the exhaust pipe after the particle filter (as with EURO 5). If a certain dynamic pressure value is reached, and the sensor has transmitted the information to the control unit, the active regeneration is started.

This kind of sensor must fulfill special requirements. The mounting position must be very close to the exhaust pipe – especially in trucks – as the sensor is not protected from the environment. This requires high robustness. At the same time, the internal pressure of the system is very low – which means that a very sensitive internal measurement is required – yet the media inside this system is one of the most aggressive we can find in automotive applications.


Specific pressure sensor for sophisticated demands in the exhaust pipe

Our Type 96724 sensor has been designed specifically for this application. A very sensitive semiconductor pressure measuring cell (MEMS - micro electro mechanical system) converts the pressure signal into an electrical voltage. This very low measurement signal is amplified in a specially developed amplifier unit (ASIC) in the sensor to a usable level, and at the same time conditioned against environmental influences.

The AB special design takes account of these requirements. Extensive optimization at the connection and joining mechanism, and close cooperation with users have enabled development of a sturdy sensor that is externally very robust, yet extremely sensitive internally.


The next level: Diesel EURO 6 engines get another catalyst
Differential Pressure Sensors for EURO6 enable systems with much higher accuracy

What has most recently discredited the diesel engine is the emission of NO and NO2, the nitrogen oxides. To effectively reduce emission of these nitrogen oxides, an additional catalytic converter is being installed in EURO 6 vehicles after the particle filter. I shall discuss this topic in a later post.

I should like to wish you a very successful start to 2018!

*The soot generated during fuel combustion in the engine is perceived as particulate matter, and are found especially in diesel engines. Particulate Matter consists of microscopically small, suspended dust grains with a particle size of at most 10 micrometers (= 10 thousandths of a millimeter). The particles are so small that they can be deposited in the lungs during inhalation, and even pass through the bloodstream into the entire human body, including the brain. (Source: AGVS Training Center Bernese Oberland: "Exhaust-relevant components”, p.14).


Best regards


 Frank Rothe


Frank Rothe

Product Application Manager Sensors

December 2017 - SMT workshop opening ceremony in Suzhou

In early October, a new SMT facility opened in Suzhou following completion of its line set-up. With an area of 600 m2 and 100,000 class clean room environment, the plant is AB China’s first SMT assembly line.

The new SMT line is a big step forward in the supply chain. It will further improve AB China’s competitiveness, and support the company’s long-term business development, and its ability to manage the most sophisticated projects of international OEM customers.

Suzhou was the venue for the AVX Sensing & Control Division global plant managers’ meeting on 22nd and 23rd Nov.  AVX Vice President Europe Mr. Martin McGuigan and Director Operations Sensing and Control Division Mr. Hermann Hauser attended the opening ceremony of the first SMT line at the invitation of General Manager China

Mr. Leo Liu.

November 2017 - Pierburg presents International Supplier Award to AB Mikroelektronik

Pierburg GmbH, part of the Rheinmetall Automotive Group and a global market leader for these systems, has partnered with AB Mikroelektronik for many  years.  AB Mikroelektronik is delighted to have been recognised for its excellent customer support following the international launch of the new EVAP* pump.

The product was designed in Europe (Salzburg), and local production will be carried out in plants in China, Mexico and Romania.

The AB Mikroelektronik Salzburg team has previously been recognized for sophisticated product design and manufacturing excellence in Europe; the delivery of this project and the award from Pierburg demonstrates the expertise of the Salzburg team even in global projects.

Hermann Hauser, Managing Director of AB Mikroelektronik, received the award, thanked his team and expressed his utmost appreciation for the work done and the exceptional commitment to this project.


Sabrine Chamkhi (Projekteinkäuferin), Hermann Hauser (Geschäftsführer der AB Mikroelektronik GmbH), Marcus Gerlach (Head of Global Purchasing Division Mechatronics) © Pierburg GmbH


October 2017 - Detroit – IS NOT A SPRINT, IT´S A MARATHON

We are ready for Detroit Half-Marathon 2017 - Fit for fun – Fit for work! AB Elektronik – our US team together with Thomas Rinschede, Sales & Marketing Director flying in from Germany for customer meetings some days ago, will start in the city of Detroit on October 15th. A huge shout out to all our active runners!

Shirts are printed, training has gone into final stage and we’ll keep you posted with updates on how these tough guys get on!

We are delighted to start our business with AVX!

Welcome to Keith Thomas Sr. VP Corporate Development and Martin McGuigan VP Ceramics - Europe  who are visiting our European plants these days! More Information:

September 2017 - AB Elektronik celebrates its 50th anniversary

Employee Party and Family Day

In 1967, AB Elektronik GmbH settled in Werne, Germany, and marked its 50th anniversary with a celebration on the 16th of September. Over the last 50 years, AB has grown and established its position as the automotive partner of choice for engineering and manufacturing of position- and speed-sensors as well as accelerator pedals. At the start of this year, the company centralized all functions on approximately 22,000 sqm in the “Feldmark” area, which then became the new head office address.

This was the location of a Family Day for all 450 employees and their relatives, and attracted a good turnout on the Saturday. The factory tours were the most popular, but the trainee stand - where children got the chance to test their talent for working with sensitive electronic parts - was really busy too. In the hospitality area, the local management team offered homemade cakes, the Work Council team was very busy at the barbeque.

All functions offered some hands-on activity for people of all ages, including a big glass full of sensors, giving everyone the chance to guess the quantity. The winning prizes all had some local reference. The money raised on food, drinks and games, as well as tickets for the evening party, will be donated to a local children’s hospice.

August 2017 - Presentation: "The latest in Urea Concentration Sensor technology"

At the recent 13th Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue® Forum Europe 2017, Frank Rothe, Product Application Manager Temperature, Pressure and Fluid Property Sensors, gave a presentation on the topic "The latest in Urea Concentration Sensor technology". For more information please see the presentation ...

June 2017 - Awarded: Trainee of the AB Elektronik Klingenberg participates at the IHK project

Awarded: Trainee of the AB Elektronik Klingenberg participates at the IHK project to avoid energy dissipation. Read the full article of Sächsische Zeitung (German) ...

March 2017 - Blog: Measuring automotive exhaust gas temperature

An important part of reducing the emissions of diesel combustion engines depends on knowing the temperature of the exhaust gases - let’s take a closer look at this topic:

Starting in the early 1990s, legislators around the world began to limit the amount of pollutants emitted by motor vehicles to protect the environment. While CO2 and other emissions from petrol-engines is a concern, a more significant focus has clearly been on the diesel engine.

The result - despite all the negative headlines - is, that today's diesel vehicles are significantly cleaner than 10 or 15 years ago. There are a lot of improvements but importantly amongst these are temperature sensors, measuring directly in the exhaust pipe. This is a very demanding environment and, since the introduction of the EURO 5 emission standard in 2008 that demands diesel particulate filters, TT Electronics has been actively involved in meeting this requirement.

Diesel particulate filters need temperature sensing for the regeneration process

To be effective, diesel particulate filters must be regularly regenerated during operation. Regeneration is an internal burning process, which starts at about 500 °C, and takes place without any involvement from the driver. Due to exothermicity, the release of heat during a chemical reaction, temperatures in the range of 700 to 800 °C can be achieved, which allow accumulated soot to be burnt off. In addition to pressure monitoring, which will be discussed in a later blog, temperature detection plays an important role in this process.

TT Electronics’ engineering involvement in such applications began in 2005. At that time, TT Electronics was able to purchase a license for a very robust temperature sensor setup. Subsequently based on the company’s long term experience with temperature sensors and with significant further engineering investment, TT Electronics has refined its exhaust sensor design and made it ready for high volume production.




Robust design is key for the harsh environment in the exhaust pipe of diesel engines
The outcome is a very robust temperature sensor, based on a passive resistance measuring element that responds with different resistance values at different temperatures. Platinum is used as the resistance material as this element is characterised by a nominal resistance of 200 Ohm at 0 °C (PT-200).

The most important advantage of this high-temperature sensor is its robust design. The measuring element is embedded in a monolithically closed tube made of a special stainless steel using a particular ceramic powder mixture. The bubble-free filling of the sensor tip ensures that motor vibrations do not pose a threat to the sensor's service life. In addition, the sensor can be bent from 0 to 120°. Specially developed seals guarantee a long service life even under the harshest environmental conditions in and around the exhaust pipe.

The next level of high temperature design is up to 1200 °C

The experience gained in the last few years has enabled TT Electronics to develop a new generation of high-temperature sensors. The aim of this development was to make a sensor technology suitable for use in vehicles that require temperature measurement up to 1200 °C, which is the case in petrol engines.

Robust sensor design

TT Electronics’ sensors incorporate N-type thermocouples to send continuous measurement signals to the vehicle’s control electronics. Thermocouples use the physical effect of thermoelectricity. A pair of metallic conductors of different materials are joined at one end. Due to the temperature gradient between the measuring point (hot side) and the plug side (cold side) an electric voltage is generated (see Wikipedia). This electrical voltage is proportional to the temperature change on the hot side and can thus be processed as a sensor signal. An electronic unit, which is integrated into the plug housing, provides the necessary signal processing.

Thermocouples have been used for many years in industrial electronics for temperature measurement. TT Electronics’ sensor has been specially adapted to the requirements of automotive applications and only use welded or soldered connections to avoid signal interruption. Protective housings at the sensor tip are made exclusively from high-temperature-resistant stainless steel, using deep-draw technology. The sensors can be attached to the exhaust pipe with a union nut or hollow screw of various dimensions. Cable shields are used to allow high temperature resistance measurements in the vicinity of exhaust pipes.

Various electronic interfaces are available

The electrical signal, as already mentioned, is processed electronically. Users can choose between different digital interfaces. To date, TT Electronics has implemented PWM, SENT and CAN (according to SAE J1939). Like the entire sensor, the electronics unit offers protection class IP6K9K (with its mating connector).

This sensor is suitable for temperature measurements in the range -40 to 1200 °C. With these characteristics, the sensor can be used at any point in the exhaust pipe of petrol engines. Manufacturers of turbo-charged vehicle engines can also use this sensor in the exhaust manifold (before the turbocharger) to warn against excessive temperatures, which can be dangerous for the turbocharger.

Double high temperature sensors will be required for next generation of petrol engines

With the introduction of the latest emission standard (EURO 6c), direct-injection petrol engines must also be equipped with particulate filters for the first time. These use slightly different regeneration processes that, while similar to the particulate filters in diesel engines, need to operate at higher temperatures and require temperature measurements at two points.

Precisely for this application, TT Electronics has developed a thermocouple sensor as a double module that combine two sensors with one electronics unit. Apart from cost benefits, this allows the sensors to be matched with tolerances of +/- 1 °C.



Best regards


 Frank Rothe


Frank Rothe

Product Application Manager Sensors

March 2017 - TT Electronics Annual Results 2016

Please find Annual Results for year ended 31 December 2016 on the TT Electronics website

March 2017 - Events 2017

Events 2017
We are delighted at the interest that was generated last year at Congresses in Europe, USA and Asia.
We shall continue our speaker program, and our experts will continue to be available face to face at global Events. Learn more

January 2017 - Sensors are critical to enabling greener vehicle emissions

Blog: Sensors are critical to enabling greener vehicle emissions

Frank Rothe, Product Application Manager Sensors, considers the importance of sensors in the drive to greener vehicle emissions


Mobility is essential to modern life, and is a key driver for economic growth. At the same time, the world's ever-increasing traffic volumes are a major source of pollution, which poses a fundamental threat to our future.


The solution lies in emission-free transport, an aim that leading car manufacturers and developers around the globe are working towards intensively. Until that goal can be fully achieved, new electronic systems and technologies will be instrumental in reducing emissions from combustion engines.


AB Elektronik is a recognised expert in this specialist field, where the impact that exhaust fumes, extremely high temperatures and other aggressive factors can have on surrounding components represents a significant challenge.


An example of these increasing demands can be found in the latest generation of high-power vehicles, where the combustion process generates ultra-high temperatures to keep emissions down. These temperatures can harm the engines’ expensive turbocharger systems, meaning that precise monitoring is required to ensure temperatures remain within acceptable bounds, and to limit the engine power, should the acceptable range be exceeded. Our state-of-the-art temperature sensors can monitor this. They transfer thermal data as electrical information which can be handled by engine control units (ECU). For the driver of the car, the impact is barely noticeable.


AB Elektroniks’ sensors excel in their ability to withstand a variety of corrosive gases and aggressive liquids, thanks to their extremely robust housing. This level of protection has traditionally come at the expense of inferior temperature measurement: enclosing the cells typically makes them slow to detect changes in temperature, when what we need for turbocharger applications is real-time information. This is where our long experience and sophisticated modular mechanics concepts come in. Combined with endlessly tried-and-tested technologies such as thermal resistive like PT-200 and others, our sensors are highly responsive and extremely resistant to harmful external factors. The variety of available technologies and our ability to design customised solutions have already proved a competitive advantage in many cases.


Further limitations on specific pollutants (soot particles, nitrous oxides, CO and CO2) have been introduced at regular intervals for on-road and off-road vehicles. Europe and the USA have played a pioneering role, and their regulations generally provide a model for other countries around the world.


The currently applicable emissions standards are EURO 6, EPA 13 (both on-road) and Tier4final (off-road). The limits defined by these standards are forcing vehicle and engine manufacturers to introduce sophisticated exhaust after-treatment systems, as well as modifying their engines. The most important adaptations are diesel oxidation catalysts (re-oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons), diesel particulate filters (retention of rust particles) and selective catalytic reduction (conversion of harmful nitrous oxides in nitrogen and water).


While this change has so far mostly affected diesel engines, some petrol engines – particularly those with direct fuel injection – will have most likely to be fitted with gasoline particulate filters from September 2018 at the latest, when the next stage of the emissions standard (EURO 6c) is due to come into force.


To implement these measures effectively, we will need extreme systems that are able to support control algorithms, so that initial process and end values can be measured and transmitted in a suitable form to the vehicles’ electronic control units (ECUs). Sensors for key indicators measure the relevant physical properties, converting them into electrical signals and then relaying them to the ECU.


For these specific requirements, AB Elektronik has a broad portfolio of temperature, pressure and fluid quality sensors, which we will expand upon in the future.


Best regards


 Frank Rothe


Frank Rothe

Product Application Manager Sensors

May 2016 - AB Mikroelektronik wins Salzburg Business Award 2016

Two top level juries recently named the successful nominees for the Salzburg Business Awards. In the category "Company of the Year", AB Mikroelektronik GmbH achieved third place, and was honored for outstanding entrepreneurial and innovative services.

In recent years, the Salzburg Business Awards have become established as the most important awards in Salzburg  / Austria. Every year companies are awarded for implementing groundbreaking ideas or taking the step into self-employment with sustainable business concepts.

For over 30 years, AB Mikroelektronik has been a reliable partner for the supply of control electronics systems for automotive industry applications. AB Mikroelektronik's application specific systems feature tailored designs and high performance. High integration density designs have a small footprint and high vibration resistance, with full integration into the overall system.

For more information, watch the news report on YouTube


Photo: Hannelore Kirchner

Pictured from left to right:
Konrad Steindl (Landeskammerpräsident), Johann Maier (Direktor Produktlinie Power Module), Hermann Hauser (VP & GM Europe, Transportation S&C), Brigitte Schützenberger-Pillinger (HR Generalist)

March 2016 - TT Electronics Annual Results 2015

Please find Annual Results for year ended 31 December 2015 on the TT Electronics website

January 2016 - New Video about SIMPSpad-Technology

SIMPSpad - Long linear sense through: Enjoy Benjo Ensink´s online presentation is now available on our website.

Watch and learn about the opportunities of this inductive position sensing technology in the editorial video.

» Learn more about innovative SIMPSpad technology
» Meet our product experts at Advanced Suspension Systems Congress 2016

January 2016 - New Year Greetings

Dear business partner,

We hope that, like us, you are looking back on a blissful Christmas holiday! Here in the West, we have already started into the New Year, which in our business always means setting new, inspiring and ambitious goals.

While in China, our business partners are looking forward to the Spring Festival in the coming months. Across TT Electronics, we are full of anticipation for the many opportunities in this New Year. But we would also like to take a moment at this time of the year to reflect and to THANK YOU for all the interesting meetings, discussions and ambitious negotiations we enjoyed during 2015.

In these times of HIGHER, FASTER, MORE and BETTER, we sometimes forget how important this is. So with this greeting we would like to show our appreciation, before we all start ‘fast forward’ into the new, exciting year with its many challenges and opportunities.

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December 2015 - Technical article on LED-Precision-Mounting in ATZ Elektronik

LED-Precision-Mounting replaces LED-Arrays with single LED-Chips.The process enables the individual placement of Single-Chip-LEDs with a positioning accuracy of ± 50µm of the light emitting area while enabling individual lighting illustration.


» Find more details about our LED technology in latest essay of ATZ Elektronik

» Learn more about LED-Precision-Mounting

» Erfahren Sie mehr über unser Product portfolio for Controls

December 2015 - New brochure for transmission applications

Sensing and Control for Transmission Applications: Driven by latest legal emission norms, Transmission systems have to fulfill sophisticated challenges. Our wide sensing and control portfolio includes SIMPSpad “Sense through” position technology, 3-axial gear detection sensors, oil pressure- and temperature sensors as well as High-Speed-Rotation technology. Get the complete overview of transmission solutions here:

» Sensors for transmission applikations

November 2015 - AB Elektronik GmbH was part of Werne local trainee-job-circle

Apprenticeship at AB Elektronik GmbH - Looking for clever minds!
AB Elektronik GmbH was part of a local trainee-job-circle in Werne today. Latest information about  student groups on current training programs, job descriptions and conditions at AB Elektronik was key for our young visitors. AB Elektronik is a TT Electronics plc. company, headquartered in UK.
Every visitor who wants to have a local apprenticeship but international and intercultural mindset –  was able to get first information from our trainers today.
An apprenticeship at AB Elektronik provides practical application of knowledge and experience, so a solid foundation to develop their own career. If you want to work in a dynamic team and provide new ways are going to benefit from the opportunities of a modern industrial company, then you should get in touch with us!

» Learn mor about apprenticeships at AB Elektronik

October 2015 - Ford Q1: Renewed award for AB Elektronik GmbH

AB Elektronik GmbH in high quality performance. Maintenance of the Q1 Award (held since 2013) this week, underlined the excellent quality in TT Electronics Center of Excellence for Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Pedals in Germany.

» Learn more about our quality

October 2015 - Editorial remarks on the HSRP -High speed rotor position sensor

Read latest essays and find out about inductive High Speed Rotor Position Sensor: The combination of high accuracy and fast response time supports rotor position sensors in electric motors of hybrid or electric vehicles of the latest generation.

» In the media

» More about HSRP

October 2015 - AB Elektronik Sachsen becomes supplier for MAN engines

AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH becomes supplier of pressure and temperature sensors of new EURO 6c engine series of MAN Truck and Bus

As a trusted partner of MAN, we are proud to have been nominated for the new generation of engines with EURO 6c consumption-reducing sensor concepts for coolant system and oil module. 


» Read more


August 2015 - Electronic pump control – Technical Article ATZ Elektronik 04/2015

The customer-specific control module is fully integrated into the electric motor and includes all components which are necessary for the control of an electronic motor by using best cost/benefit ratio in technology and materials. The inputs from the master control unit are transmitted via PWM, LIN or CAN to the microcontroller which calculates the speed and the necessary commutation of the electronic motor (block, trapezoidal or sine). With gate driver and power MOSFET the coils of the motor are energized. In this process the speed (with or without sensors), current, voltage and temperature are monitored and in case of an error reported back to the master control unit.


Learn more about the savings by further development of power electronics on our website: or in the latest article on ATZ Elektronik journal.


August 2015 - Partner for Accelerator Pedals for Daimler India

Following up our success stories in India business, we are delighted to be the partner for Accelerator Pedals for Daimler India. The manufacturing is now localized at our Manesar facility in India where we support Thunderbolt truck along with BHARATBENZ truck requirement locally.


» Read more about our global footprint.

» Learn more about our portfolio for pedals

July 2015 - Emission sensing technologies at a glance: Our updated emission page

How to solve the challenges in this sophisticated application? Right in time for the CTI Emission congress in Stuttgart we have updated our emissions page. We are offering a comprehensive overview about products, technologies and best practice experience. Find latest information and get in touch with our product experts here.

May 2015 - AdBlue Quality – partnering with Audi for new diesel engine cars

Building on our expertise in clean air systems technology, we are delighted to be partner with Audi as Tier 2 supplier for the DEF/AdBlue® Fluid Quality Sensor.

AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH Fluid Quality integrated sensor will be supplied to our Tier1 partner with full production starting in our Klingenberg, Germany facility.

Based on a smart optical concept, the sensor will strengthens our customer’s position in the legislation driven market for Diesel engines.


» Read more

May 2015 - TT Electronics Sensing and Control Industry is exhibiting at the Sensor and Test 2015

19th - 21st  May 2015 – TT Electronics Sensing and Control Industry


We would like to welcome you on 19th – 21st May at the Sensor and Test on the stand of TT Electronics Sensing and Control Industry Division in Hall 12-435 in Nuremberg.

There you can find out product portfolio and technologies:

  • Pedals
  • Position
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Fluid Properties

Our Products experts are looking forward to meet you.

» TT Electronics Sensing and Control Industry

March 2015 - Multi-year licensing deal for SIMPSpad and Autopad until 2021

AB Elektronik updated the agreement with the product and technology development company Sagentia. Based on existing contracts for Sagentia´s Technologies, which are implemented in AB Elektronik´s innovative Autopad and SIMPSpad Transportation Position-Sensing Applications, the extended licence for AB Elektronik´s will include also several industrial markets.

» Read more

» More about SIMPSpad
The sense through technology is suitable for magneto-inductive position sensing specifically for automotive applications.

» More about Autopad
This technology is suitable for linear and rotatory position sensing specifically for automotive applications.

» More about Position sensors
Our position sensors are used applications for the car and commercial vehicle sectors using non-contact technologies, including the company's own Autopad® technology.

» More about Pedals
Hanging and floor mounted pedals for Passenger Cars and Trucks. Learn more about sensing technologies for these applications.

March 2015 - Power-Stack Technology: AB Mikroelektronik wins VERENA Award

AB Mikroelektronik was awarded for the development of a market process for soldering of electronic components to Aluminum which makes Power Electronics for E-Drive much more  eco-friendly and offers also a very high cost/efficiency benefit.


» Read more


» Video

March 2015 - TT Electronics Sensing and Control exhibiting on Auto Shanghai 2015

We invite you to visit us at Auto Shanghai 22nd – 29th April in China on our stand 5BA748 in hall 5.2!

Auto Shanghai is an automobile and manufacturing technology exhibition and one of the earliest professional international auto shows in China and a recognized gathering of international automotive experts. It´s an excellent place to showcase our latest technologies and products for engine management, exhaust gas systems and chassis applications.

Our Chinese sales team – Henry Zhao, Tracy Xie und Jerry Ding – will be on site together with Carsten Kandels (Director Sales Volkswagen Group) and Roger Möllers (Product Application Manager Driver Demand Controls) to present our sensor product range for position, speed, temperature and pressure.

March 2015 - TT Electronics Annual Results 2014

Please find Annual Results for year ended 31 December 2014 on the TT Electronics website

February 2015 - Amrei Drechsler visits TT Electronics CSR project in India

Amrei Drechsler, EVP of TT Electronics Sensing and Control Transportation Business visited a Science lab in RK Public school Gurgaon, while her stay in India this week.
This project was funded by TT Electronics. Read more in the Hindi article of Jagran Newspaper, Gurgaon

» Learn more about TT Electronics

January 2015 - AdBlue optical sensor: Lecture on the CTI Conference

To contribute the emission standards and their requirements the measurement of quality of additives such as AdBlue plays a more and more important role. As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry, we develop and produce sensors for measuring the exhaust area since the beginning of this topic.

On the CTI conference "Exhaust Systems" in Stuttgart Frank Rothe will again talk about practical experience in the development of AdBlue sensor and practice-based report on the challenges and development steps of this sensor technology.
Also read the interview with the Diesel Progress, on the occasion of the presentation on the SV sensor Conference and find out more on our website.

December 2014 - Download for Whitepaper online

Our technical whitepaper will provide useful information about application challenges, technical solutions and process experiences. Find the latest versions in our download center in the Service section.


December 2014 - LED modules for high-temperature and precision applications

Learn more about our technologies and extensive process know-how to implement custom LED applications.


Download brochure


Fluid properties sensor technical article in Diesel Progress international 10-2014

Fluid properties sensors – Continuous sensing of Urea Quality and Urea concentration in DEF / AdBlue® / UREA aqueous solution.


Using special optical techniques, AB Elektronik’s sensor is capable of
detecting variances in urea concentration as small as +/- 2 %, and can operate at temperatures from -10 degC to +85 degC.
The optical measurement principle is robust against dirt and moving fluids including gasoline, diesel or coolant.

Learn more with the latest essay in Diesel Progress international:

Extract of Diesel Progress international edition 10-2014


September 2014 - Updated brochure: Contactless inductive SIMPSpad Technology

The AB proprietary technology SIMPSpad is suitable for fast and accurate position detection through non-ferrous metals, as well as water, oil and plastic in automotive applications.


Download SIMPSpad broschure


SIMPSpad technology - more information


Started Today: 13th International exhibition on internal combustion Engine 2014

01th - 03rd September 2014, Beijing, China

Hall 3, Stand E05
Started successfully - the exhibition on the theme of Innovation & Development, Energy Saving & Emission Reduction and Green Manufacturing is a good place to display AB Elektronik world class sensing and control program.

The exhibition is very well prepared and offers a comfortable platform for visitors and exhibitors. The first day with very interesting contacts will close soon - we are looking forward to meet you on our stand: 3E05 in the next two exhibition days!

Learn more about our engine and exhaust-gas after treatment sensors!

Meet us on several shows in 2014!
More information

Good morning from Beijing and welcome to our stand:

Henry Zhao, Tracy Xie, Marcel Queren, Jerry Ding (left to right)

August 2014 - Branding – Stands in new TT Electronics Corporate Design

We are looking forward to the upcoming shows where we would like to meet you in several places in Europe. Our show stand includes the new refreshed Corporate Design and of course the latest product and technology information in Sensing and Control Transportation.

We will keep you informed on our website and you are also invited to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Xing.

More information about our shows

July 2014 - Students get an insight into world of AB Mikroelektronik GmbH

AB Mikroelektronik in Salzburg ,  hosted a series of visits by more than 160 students from the technical high school and University of Salzburg in the last week in June. It was the first visit of its kind and provided an opportunity to showcase the company, to electronics and material sciences students. All participants were given an insight into the electronics industry and generate interest in a future career with the TT Electronics group of companies.

Great interest in production lines products

The visit started with an overview of the company’s history.
Products, capabilities and its global growth were presented by Robert Rehrl (Product Line Director LED) and Hermann Hauser (Managing Director).
This was followed by a plant tour where the students found the production lines and products amazing and had lots of questions throughout the tour. The visit ended with an opportunity to meet and chat to current graduates working for AB Mikroelektronik in Salzburg. The feedback from teachers and students was extremely positive and the only open question they had at the end was: “Can we come again next year?“.

A comprehensive overview – Career opportunities including

The intensive preparation of the day was worth it. Hermann Hauser is sure: “The innovation and team spirit was infectious and certainly showed through to all our visitors. We look forward to next year’s visit and to hopefully welcoming some of the students back as TT employees in future years!”.


Picture: Hermann Hauser (centre) with students from the technical high school and University of Salzburg

May 2014 - International conference "Sensors in the exhaust gas cleaning“

Efficient electronic solutions for sophisticated sensor and control applications
Frank Rothe (AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH, Klingenberg Germany) will present a lecture on "Practical experience with the electronic recording of AdBlue® quality" on 3rd July at 1pm.

AdBlue® / DEF / Urea quality sensor
AdBlue® quality sensors are used to measure the concentration and ratios in different liquids. Therefore an optical measuring principle is used. Due to its high robustness, this sensor can be used in versatile applications. In addition, it provides high accuracy and temperature resistance.
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If you can´t attend the congress, we would like to offer you in this way detailed information and contacts to the speakers. We look forward to interesting discussions in Frankfurt or a direct contact with our contacts.

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Emission control technology at a glance

In particular, in the field of emission control technologies AB Elektronik provides a comprehensive product portfolio as well as several years of experience in EUR4 and EUR5 and Tier4i engines. In addition, for example, high temperature sensors with integrated processor, freeze protected pressure sensors, and last but not least AdBlue® quality sensors are without exception it powerful yet cost-optimized solutions that are used by leading OEMs.

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More about AB Elektronik Sachsen and TT Electronics Sensing and Control Business Unit

TT Electronics Sensing and Control companies are recognized for more than thirty years as a partner for successful development and production of robust and reliable sensors and sophisticated power electronics. Based on a variety of technologies, we hold a number of significant patents and offer our clients the expertise of a successful cooperation with the leading manufacturers of automotive and off-road applications as well as industrial applications. We are pleased that you are visiting our website and invite you to learn more about our portfolio of products, technologies and the international orientation of our company.

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April 2014 - Lecture on 5th Conference on "sensors in cars"

Dr. T. Biggs, D. Witts (TT Electronics Technology Ltd., Cambridge, UK) and S. Rühl (AB Elektronik GmbH Werne Germany) will present a lecture on the topic "SIMPSpad: Novel sensor technology for linear displacement" on 8th April at 9.25 clock.

Unlike AutoPad at SIMPSpad a magnet is used for position measurement. This is achieved by applying a thin layer of a high permeability soft magnetic material on the circuit board of the sensor.
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The conference provides automotive manufacturers, sensor suppliers and research institutes a recurring platform to discuss innovative sensor principles with application-oriented focus on the automotive industry.

March 2014 - TT Electronics Offers New Sensor for Transportation Electronic Power Steering

Magnetorque® Plus provides compact solution for torque and position sensing

TT Electronics’ Sensing and Control division has expanded its series of sensors for electronic power steering (EPS) applications.  The new Magnetorque® Plus combines TT Electronics’ proven non-contacting torque sensor with a multi-turn position sensor in a single compact package. The integrated and fully calibrated design is significant in providing engineers with an integrated solution for measuring torque and steering wheel angle.

TT Electronics’ new Magnetorque® Plus is designed to support the increasing demand for EPS systems across several sectors in the transportation market. Studies have shown that EPS systems contribute to a 3% to 4% reduction in fuel consumption, driving their use in passenger cars, off road, utility and recreational vehicles.  Designed with a modular approach, Magnetorque® Plus sensors can be customised for unique requirements in different applications.
“The Magnetorque® Plus is a result of collaboration with customers to support the requirements for a complete torque and position sensing solution. TT Electronics’ integrated approach is smaller, lighter and more cost effective than alternatives using two separate sensors, while the fully calibrated solution simplifies the route to EPS system design,” said TH Swee, Global Product Line Director within TT Electronics’ Sensing and Control division.

The Magnetorque® Plus torque and position sensing functions are based on Hall Effect technology allowing a truly non-contact design that maximises mechanical durability to support a minimum lifetime of 1 million shaft rotations without degradation of electrical outputs. Dual torque outputs allow accurate diagnostic calculations and availability of custom output slopes.  

Unlike most steering sensors on the market, the Magnetorque® Plus offers multi-turn capability, which provides the absolute position of the steering wheel at any time. Instant output at “power-on” provides several benefits, including enhanced accuracy and no standby current. The position output provides absolute multi-turn position information up to ±900° of rotation.

The Magnetorque® Plus is fully calibrated and compensated to offer an easy assembly to the steering shaft with a simple interface to system controllers. Magnetorque® sensors can be re-programmed for offset to accommodate adjustments to the system’s mechanical tolerances, allowing customers to optimise system tolerance for simpler assembly and greater control.
The Magnetorque Plus sensor is available now with pricing dependent on volume.

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February 2014 - SIMPSpad technical article

Position Sensing – Customized Technologies

Learn more with the latest essay in Automobilelektronik (German language):

Extract AEL edition of 1-2014

Full version AEL edition of 1-2014

December 2013 - TT electronics Sensing and Control receives Business Excellence Award

New production facility in Timisoara (Romania) has already achieved initial success
The TT electronics Sensing and Control production centre in Timisoara has been presented with a business excellence in automotive award by the Timis County Chamber of Commerce, just 12 months after the centre opened.
"The production team at the centre here in Timisoara is very new and has only been working together for a year. We will continue to make further improvements to our service for the benefit of our customers in the coming months. However, this award is a fantastic recognition of all the hard work we have put in during 2013. My congratulations go to everyone who has made this such a successful year." said Florin Tulcan, operations manager at TT electronics Sensing and Control, Timisoara.

The TT electronics production facility covers approximately 5000 square meters and currently employs 180 local staff. There are 18 lines installed and running, delivering to customers including Daimler, VW, ZKW, Scania, Saleri and Hengst.

November 2013 - TT electronics / AB Elektronik was honored with the Ford Q1 Award

Q1 stands for "Quality First", which is considered a top priority for Ford's business. The Q1 Award is conferred only on Ford suppliers who meet the high quality standards set by the company. In addition to fulfilling exacting technical requirements, suppliers have to demonstrate their exceptional product quality, together with reliability and logistical efficiency, before they are granted top-tier status.
The continuous improvement of quality and products is a core goal for all of us, said Reinhold Lüke,
Vice President Global Quality, after the ceremony. We are proud of the Q1 Award and feel conformed in our activities to go on with optimization and our internal business excellence program which is running for more than one year in comprehensive processes.
For more than thirty years AB Elektronik has been recognised partners of the automotive industry. The company belongs to Sensing and Control Business Unit of TT electronics plc developing and producing electronic solutions worldwide for the detection of position, speed, pressure and temperature. The parent company TT electronics based in England, employs more than 5,000 people and has generated total sales of 477 million GBP in 2012.

Left to right:
Thomas Rinschede – Global VP & General Manager Sensors Business Unit
Roswitha Rengshausen – Quality
Elisabeth Dellwig – Sales
Frank Palmes – STA European Operations – Ford
Marc Kirchhof – Global Management System Director
Reinhold Lüke – VP Global Quality & Business Excellence

September 2013 - TT electronics develops ECU for KTM Freeride E bike

Interest in hybrid-electric vehicles (H-EV) and fully electric vehicles (EV) is undoubtedly growing as the motor industry and consumers look to find an environmentally friendlier and more cost effective alternative to vehicles powered solely by internal combustion engines.
Although widespread use of pure EVs as routine daily consumer transport remains a vision for the future, fully electric recreational vehicles such as off-road  motorcycles are practical and can offer equivalent or better user experiences.

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August 2013 - Sensors and Power Modules

Sensing and Control – Pioneering future mobility


We are pleased to advise you of a new focus on Sensing and Control in the TT electronics organisation, which will offer even better products and services to our partners.
We have combined the competences, resources and investment from around our Group into a new specialist network: Sensing and Control - offering best in class services and global support.
Additionally, the new Sensing and Control alliance will be able to offer more complex electronic solutions, as required by our Premium customers for today’s mission critical applications.
The familiar brands AB Elektronik, AB Mikroelektronik, Optek and BI will continue to serve you, but are now backed by the improved support that results from a larger global resource base.
Michael Finger, VP Global Sales & Marketing says: “We’ve invested heavily in new technologies, and with this new focus on Sensing and Control, we can offer a global approach to design and manufacture, to the benefit of our customers.”

July 2013 - TT electronics: Building on Business Success in India

TT electronics Sensing and Control is expanding sales skills in India


TT electronics goes from strength to strength in India. The Design Center based in Bangalore is attracting growing levels of business, and the new Manesar (New Delhi) Manufacturing Center is open and fully operational.

Now the company is building on this success by strengthening its sales team in the region. Mr Javind Syed Feroz was made responsible in July for local sales, and is the principal contact for customized applications.

Michael Finger, VP Global Sales & Marketing says: “We are delighted that our India business is showing consistent growth, and that we have added new sales competence by appointing Javind. He has wide market experience and also deep product and technical knowledge. Our customers now have a highly competent partner for customised solutions.”

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February 2013 - TT Electronics Opens Sensor Making Facility in India

TT electronics opens new Making Facility in India


TT electronics has commissioned a major new operation at Manesar, near New Delhi. Manesar is one of the fastest growing townships in India. The wholly-owned facility will develop and manufacture sensors for the automotive sector, and will further strengthen the Group’s leading global market position.
TT electronics already has a similar facility in China, and supports its customers from 20 locations worldwide.
TT electronics has begun to enhance its product range and to gain new clients, including Delphi-TVS, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles and Geely of China.
Pat Murray, Managing Director of the sensors business, stressed that the Group is committed to India for the long term. A global product engineering centre has also just been opened, based at Bangalore.


February 2013 - Second Global Engineering Centre for TT Electronics

TT electronics opens new global development center in India


A major facility for design, engineering and product development has been established in India to serve TT electronics and its customers. The dedicated product engineering centre, based at Bangalore, India, will be home to a team of highly skilled designers and engineers. Customers across the globe will benefit from the acceleration of their research and development requirements that will result from this increased resource.   
Symphony Teleca Corp., based in Palo Alto, was selected to set up the centre based on their experience of implementing the latest software, electronics, the cloud and connected devices.
Geraint Anderson, CEO of TT electronics said: “This important new engineering centre will prove invaluable in supporting our customers in all our core industries including automotive and healthcare.”
The new TT electronics engineering facility complements its existing engineering support group based in China. Bangalore (Bengaluru) offers excellent transport links and is home to several other advanced technology companies, enabling recruitment of knowledgeable, experienced staff.

Transportation global footprint
Inductive height level sensor (IHLS)
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