Special anniversary year for AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH

Thirty years of innovation, development and production of sensors and electronic components! A good reason to celebrate, but also an opportunity to review the interesting and dynamic milestones in the company’s history.

Whoever visits our plant at the Tharandt Forest today will meet an established supplier to the automotive industry. Great dynamics and the high capacity utilization of the plant can be felt everywhere – the order situation is very good, and the plant works around the clock in some places! Well known automotive manufacturers trust in our engineering services, as well as in the professional production of temperature sensors, pressure sensors and quality sensors for liquids. With high levels of automation, in-house development from idea to finished product, and efficient logistics, AB Elektronik in Saxony offers a professional environment for customers, as well as safe and interesting jobs for more than 450 people.

Our success story started some 30 years ago, in fact even earlier – back in GDR times. At that time, there was a business connection between the company Elektronische Bauelemente Dorfhain and AB Elektronik GmbH based in Werne near Dortmund. The combined company produced setting controllers and potentiometers, for example for television sets, for the entire Eastern European region. For the former FRG, the distribution of these products was carried out by AB Elektronik GmbH in Werne. Due to many economic changes and the financial situation of the combine at the end of the 1980s, it was no longer possible to continue the former VEB in its old form with more than 2,000 employees. At that time, AB Elektronik GmbH in Werne was already an automotive supplier and highly automated, except for the components area, where the previous supplier in Dorfhain was better positioned. The management in Werne at the time recognized this advantage, and founded the “Werk Sachsen” branch in 1991 with about one hundred employees.

To help the young company get started, it relocated production lines from Westphalia to Saxony, and outsourced the purchasing of cable assemblies to the new plant. And so in 1993, production of controllers for the automotive industry also began in Klingenberg. Aldo Bojarski, now head of development, was part of the team at that time and remembers: “It was a great opportunity for us, especially since the concept from the beginning was not just to establish contract manufacturing for Werne, but to create an independent company with its own products, production, development, quality assurance, purchasing, sales and administration. This was not a matter of course in 1991, but rather the exception. For the employees, it was therefore also a great obligation to fulfill the associated expectations from the very beginning.”

The team could not rest at any time, because it was foreseeable that, for example, setting knobs manually had no future in view of remote control methods. The hard working development team therefore also focused on the automotive industry, whose rapidly growing demand for sensors promised good prospects. Temperature sensors laid the foundation for this, and by 1996 the plant had achieved all the necessary certifications for the automotive industry. The ground-breaking ceremony for a new plant at Salzstraße followed, and in 1997, the independent AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH was founded, and further products were added to the portfolio.

Today Thorsten Bick is plant manager and is optimistic, in this anniversary year, about our good prospects. “We are well positioned as an automotive supplier in the field of combustion engines, and this is still an important market for us today”, he says. “However, we are particularly pleased that we have already succeeded in setting the course with our products in the direction of vehicles with electric and hybrid drives. Our technologies are already being used in the first large-scale production of electric vehicles by well-known German manufacturers. This speaks for the degree of innovation of our products and distinguishes us as a reliable partner.” He is pleased with the good performance of the site, which has been part of the AVX Group with its head office in the USA since 2017.

And this much can be revealed: The plant management team would like to celebrate this special anniversary with all our colleagues. We are planning a ‘family day’ in late summer, and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that the general infection situation will allow this to happen this year!