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Power Stack from AB Mikroelektronik

The Power Stack Technology is an electronic packaging architecture which enables double sided cooling for active semiconductor components. This brings a reduction in thermal resistance as well as an increase in power density (up to 30kW). Made with metal substrates and thick film dielectrics, a reliable, cost effective, light weight, small footprint power module is now possible.

Typical features and benefits

  • Power module with double-sided cooling without wire-bond connections
  • Optimised packaging concept for reducing parasitic inductance
  • Reduction in thermal resistance due to a larger surface contact area
  • Reduction in cost by removing expensive DCB substrates as well as heat spreading baseplates
  • Light weight and small footprint

Special features:

  • High temperatures possible by using ceramic substrates (up to 160 °C)
  • High performances in a small installation space by chip & wire technology
  • High vibration permitted, assembly to combustion engine possible
  • Fully integrated into the electric motor by high integration density
  • Customer specific design

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